white hair at an early age Natural solution

Fashion Desk: There are many people around us who have started to grow their hair at a young age.

Generally, the skin may be lacking due to the lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals in the skin. And hair shaving at a young age is a very embarrassing thing.

Many people always suffer from discomfort as a result of getting their hair done at an early age.

Also hesitate to attend a social or family event.

Which can lead to even the slightest of frustrations, such as severe depression.
However, many use hair follicles as a temporary solution. However, the hair is not black at all. In addition, the quality of the collapsed material can damage the skin of the head.

So you can easily get rid of premature hair at home without going to a temporary solution.

It is possible to make this material from various natural ingredients in the home. Using these materials is just as economical as safe and free of any side effects.

Let's look at a few ways to prevent premature hair removal -

01. Amalgam and Lemon Juice Mix: Both amalgam and lemon are both native and available in our country. The nutritional quality of these two fruits is extremely high. In addition to internal problems such as body fat reduction, heart problems, etc., these two fruits are not available for skin infection and provide vitamin to the skin. So to prevent premature hair, buy amalgam powder from the market and mix it with lemon juice and massage it in the skin for 5 hours every day, then wash it with shampoo.

02. Onion Flush: Onions are an essential ingredient as a spice. Onions are found in almost every kitchen in Many country. Onion bata is a very effective weapon for preventing the ripening of hair. After massaging the skin on the head and hair for a few days, take the onions well and wash them after 8 minutes after drying the onions in the hair and the skin will turn black within a few days.

However, you must follow this method once daily to get fast results.

03. Coconut Oil and Lemon Juice: There is no pair of coconut oil in hair care. And the multiplication of lemon has already been explained. To get rid of clotted hair, add 5 teaspoons of coconut oil daily with two teaspoons of lemon juice and apply the mixture on the hair and skin of the head. Within two weeks, the mature hair will turn black.

Besides, the skin on your head will be healthy, it will not dry and the hair will be bright.

04. Carrot juice: Carrot is a nutritious vegetable ingredient. Carrots alone have the potential to fill a lion's share of the body's essential vitamins and minerals. Carrots can also have a very effective role in hair care. So buy carrots from the market and blend it in blender with water, sugar and blend it. Drink whatever carrot juice you can find regularly. Drinking carrots with at least one glass of carrots daily will begin to cure your ripe hair. Not only the hair, as well as your body healthy, this carrot juice will help.

05. Sesame seeds and almond oils: Sesame seeds and almond oils are quite accessible in both markets. Skin doctors  sometimes prescribe this treatment for hair care. According to experts, this treatment has the most benefit possible. Grind the sesame seeds first. Then mix it with almond oil and make a paste. Apply this paste on the hair and skin of the head and leave it for 20-25 minutes and wash with shampoo. Following the above methods regularly can easily prevent premature hair removal at home.
However, what I say repeatedly in my writing is that prevention is better than cure. Generally due to lack of nutrition, tension, tiredness, lack of sleep, they can cause hair loss at a young age.

So to prevent this problem, eat plenty of nutritious vegetables, try to get enough sleep and of course drink plenty of water.

The world’s first electric aircraft

Technology Desk : China launches world's first 'flying' electric passenger plane According to a government official, the aircraft will soon be able to get a flight permit.

The BX1E has a wingspan of 14.5 meters. The aircraft, capable of carrying a weight of less than 230 kg, can fly up to 3,000 meters high.

The battery charge of the aircraft will take only two hours.

The fuel can be in the sky for about 45 minutes to an hour. Max speed is 160 km per hour.

Xinhua, China's state news agency, said the aircraft was developed by Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning General Aviation Company Limited in Liaoning Province.

Two such aircraft were given to Liaoning Ruixiang General Aviation Company Limited on Thursday. Pilots can be used for training, tourism, meteorology and rescue. Already, there have been orders for 28 such aircraft. Each airplane costs US $ 1,63,00.

Solar Bicycle - teenage scientist who built

Science Technology Desk: Apparel Name Echo Solar Bicycle, ASB for short. The uniqueness of the bike made by Ahn is that it runs on battery power as an alternative.

Even with a pedal, just like any ordinary bike, these two wheels can be used.
In just six months, a solar powered bike has been put on shelves in Mumbai, India. The newly invented bicycles have already been gifted to the Dabwalas in Mumbai.

It has been reported that in normal sunny days, it takes 3-5 hours to charge a solar panel.

Bicycling can also be charged. Max speed is 20 km per hour. This project was nominated by the All India Nehru Science Center Innovation Festival. He was awarded special titles at the exhibition.

How come the idea of ​​inventing such a bicycle?

In the words of Ahan, 'Last year I did an internship under a solar power company. I also did some online study about renewable energy.

So I thought of using solar power in everyday life. This is the time when suddenly the idea of ​​a solar bicycle comes to mind. A. My own thoughts and projects. After a five-month vacation, I started working on May 27, the first model was made in four months. He has continued to improve for a year after that. '

Were there any obstacles in the way of discovery?

"There were some problems with the design of the bike and the proper functioning of the parts," said Ahn.
The main challenge was weight. He also has to be careful about maintaining balance with him. And the lack of proper details about the various parts was also problematic.
Who will use this fancy bike?

Ahn claims, 'For those involved in home delivery, the bike will become essential. Delivery to newspaper dealers, milk dealers, bartenders, laundry and various restaurants is suitable for the ages. Exporting the product on a bike instead of a motorbike or moped will reduce the rate of ambient contamination. Due to the use of common parts available, the price of the bike will remain in the general area.

Ahn, a former student at The Cathedral and John Cannon School, decided to go to Britain for higher education.

sources : aisomoy

Car parts will be made from the plant

Science And Technology desk :  Japan will create third-generation car parts by making 'nano-fiber' from cellulose in the plant.

The country's Environment Ministry said this. At a press conference on Friday, ministry officials said the project would begin early next year. It will cost US $ 3 million.

They will be manufactured using this nano-fiber, which will make it possible to manufacture the necessary materials for building cars and homes, they said. The technology is expected to help combat global warming. Most of the plant's body is made up of cellulose. 

This cellulose is a chemical polymer of glucose molecule that contributes to the body's energy.

Scientists have recently discovered the process of making nano fibers from cellulose.

The Ministry of Environment also said that the hard cells are prepared by mixing the plant cells with a chemical called resin. These fibers will be collected from cellulose nano fibers, which are as thin as 20% of a person's hair.

This fiber is at least five times stronger than iron and five times lighter in weight. The automobiles built with it will be light in weight and will help improve fuel efficiency.

Ministry officials said Japan's motor vehicle manufacturing companies will be more interested in the issue.

Sources : লাইকবিডি

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Drone Like a Bird

Science-technology desk: A man named Edwin von Wimbach has invented a drone named 'Bionic Bird' to look exactly like a bird.

He claimed that the drone weighing only 5 grams could be controlled through the smartphone app.

The Daily Mail recently said it could reach up to 100 meters in the initial stages.

HD camera will be added later. Its creator, the French company, is currently using it for fundraising.

This bionic bird made of foam is capable of flying for 10 minutes at a time after taking charge from an oval charger.
In an interview to the BBC, claiming himself to be an 'engineer and inventor', Wimback said the drone of a eight-centimeter structure was only 2 centimeters. It looks like a bird in the sky. The drone will not harm the environment, he said.

However, he did not say what the drone could be used for.

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