How to speed up the Internet

Net Slow! Increase speed
Internet Desk: Due to technical reasons, internet connection can be slow. That is, whatever speed is supposed to get, it is not available.
Many times, it is not clear where the problem is- On the computer or on the connection? If you test the internet connection in a few steps, the speed can be somewhat faster.
Internet connection test You can easily check if your internet connection is working properly. For www.speedtest.net Enter the net address website and wait for some time by clicking on Begin Test.

After the test, the speed is known. Virus scan on computer: If virus or malware is on the computer, it can reduce the speed of internet connection as well as loss of work.
So scan the computer with good and registered antivirus software.
Automatic updates off: Windows and many other programs on the computer are automatically updated. If you can't turn it off, sometimes there will be unnecessary internet costs.
For Windows 7, go to the Control Panel and click on Windows Update.
When you open it, click on Change Settings from the list on the left. Select Never check for updates (not recommended) here on Important updates.
Uncheck the rest of the options listed below and press the OK button.
Keep Toolbar and Extension Off Many times, some unnecessary toolbars and extensions are added to the website's viewing software (browser). The toolbar and extensions like Ask Toolbar, iLivid etc. are added to the jitters. If you remove them (uninstall removal), the Internet will no longer bother.
Increase the Bandwidth Specifies some bandwidth for Windows computers. Turning it off will speed up the internet connection somewhat.
To do this, run the Run program from the Start menu of Windows 7.
Enter gpedit.msc here and enter. When the Group Policy Editor opens, go to Computer Templates on the left and go to Administrative Templates and click on Network.
Now open the QoS Packet Scheduler in the list by double-clicking on it.
Here, open the Limit reservable bandwidth by double-clicking on Enabled. Now enter 3 (zero) in the Bandwidth limit (%) cell and make it OK.
Restart the computer and continue to use.

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How to speed up the Internet
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